45 Funniest Memes That Sum Up Life As A Mom

Mother’s Day is nearly here, which means breakfast in bed, chocolates, flowers and…memes! Because let’s face it, being a mom has its fair share of ups and downs, throwing up all kinds of weird and wonderful scenarios that all proud mommas can relate to.

Sometimes a little comic relief, as well as the knowledge that you are not alone in this, is just the pick-me-up you need to smile and set off to pick up the LEGO for the 126th time today. So grab your coffee, wine or whatever you fancy, and check out these hilarious mom memes compiled by Bored Panda. Happy Mother’s Day to all you amazing ladies out there! And if you want even more mom memes, check out the post Bored Panda did earlier!



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We all know Mother’s Day exists, and its purpose is to show appreciation for the love, care and nurturing that our amazing moms give us every single day. But what else do you know about Mother’s day? Here are some Mother’s Day facts that you can impress mom with this sunday, with thanks to Town and Country.

Mother’s Day is on different dates each year: Because Sunday is the most relaxing and stress-free day of the week, it is ideal for Mother’s Day. That’s why it is always celebrated on the second Sunday in May, in the USA at least. In the UK Mother’s Day falls instead on the Fourth Sunday of Lent, something dating back much longer than the American Mother’s Day.



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More calls are made on Mother’s Day than any other day of the year: For those of us that can’t visit mom in person, the very least you can do is to call her. That’s why the second Sunday of May always has a huge spike in phone traffic, around 122 million calls are made on this day in the USA.

Mother’s Day is the third highest selling holiday for flowers and plants: What is the ideal gift to brighten up your mom’s day and show her that you care? Flowers has to be right up there as a safe choice. Around a quarter of all flowers purchased throughout the year are bought for Mother’s Day. Only Christmas and Hanukkah, are busier times for your local florist.

Mother’s Day is the busiest day of the year for restaurants: It’s not only florists that get a big business boost from all this mom love. In 2018, about 87 million adults made plans to go to a restaurant for Mother’s Day. Have you made your reservations yet?



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The history of American Mother’s Day starts with peacemaker Ann Jarvis: During the American Civil War, Ann Jarvis saw a route to peace by creating friendship and community between mothers on both sides of the war. In 1868 she established “Mother’s Friendship Day,” the beginning of what was to become the modern holiday.

Ann’s daughter Anna Reeves Jarvis carried on her mother’s legacy by establishing a nationwide observance of Mother’s Day in honor of her late mother. The very first Mother’s Day was celebrated in 1908, but Reeves Jarvis quickly became disillusioned by the commercial aspect of the holiday. She began starting boycotts, walkouts, and even condemned first lady Eleanor Roosevelt for using the day as a means of fundraising. Reeves Jarvis would eventually use all her money in this fight, and died at the age of 84 in a sanatorium.



Needless to say, commercialization completely dominates the holiday now, much like everything else of emotional value. In 2018, over $23 Billion was spent on Mother’s Day, with shoppers spending an average of $180 on gifts for their mothers. A nationwide total of $4.6 billion was spent on jewelry, while $4.4 billion went on dinners or brunches. Want to make a stand for Reeves Jarvis, the founder of today’s Mother’s Day? Fight back against the rampant consumerism that turns everything meaningful into a marketing opportunity? Cook your mother a nice meal, give her a foot massage, take her for a walk in nature, make her a gift with your hands and creativity. She is guaranteed to love it more than any trinket from the shops!



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